Welcome to American Truck Trader

Welcome to American Truck Trader, your favourite stop station for the best trucks in the industry.

We recognise the need of the people to feel safe and comfortable while driving a high-performing truck, that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you access to different kinds of trucks to suit your various needs and application.

Whether on the highway, in the creeks or on construction site, we have your back for the most suitable truck for your job and different vocational application.

American Truck Trader is one of the leading truck brands in Brisbane, Queensland. Our legacy of providing the best for you and not compromising on our standards has brought us this far. We have invested so much in satisfying our clients that we cannot afford not to give you the best deal available.

At American Truck Trader, we can only assure you of our support with all your steps in becoming a truck owner. We know you only want the best, so, here we are. You can contact us for more details.


We have our office in Brisbane, Queensland.
You can contact us for more details.

About Us

At American Truck Traders, we are committed to giving you the best that there is in the market. We invite you to come and be our sole partner on getting the best for you.

We begin the journey with our clients the very moment they reach out to us to get their trucks. We continue the journey with them all through the process of becoming a truck owner and never disembark from our clients even after we have met your needs and provided you with the best.

What We Do

As one of the leading truck dealers, we offer you access to all the truck brands you would need to get the job done with comfort and safety. We also provide other additional services that allow you to keep your truck in the best conditions.

Our service offering cut across the following brands:



Part of our product offerings is the Freightliner truck brand. It delivers the best truck product you can ever find in the market thanks to its superior design and functionality

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We have Mac trucks that combine mathematical accuracy in design with great mechanical innovation to deliver the best. Because of the trust the customers have in the brand, we have provided access to a wide variety of Mac models.



Who thinks of a great truck without thinking of FUSO brands? No one! We know this very well, and that is why we have all of FUSO truck brands at our disposal.



When it comes to faultless manufacturing of vehicles, you can always trust Mercedes Benz to deliver the best. That is why we have it for offer.


Western Star

The Western star brand has always lived up to its name of becoming the star in the truck manufacturing industry. It has built its brand from decades of creative design, outstanding technology and high-performance trucks.


Dennis Eagle

Dennis Eagle has been a great manufacturer of trucks with superb performance and durability. It continues to be a leading brand in the truck manufacturing industry.


We also have the Isuzu truck brands for you. It combines excellent expertise with innovation and technology to deliver everything you need in a truck.



Iveco provides you with great design and reliability in your trucks. Its dominance at the top is also one of the reasons we have added the Iveco brands to our collections.


Additional Service

Our additional services include


An essential part of owning a truck is keeping it in good condition. And for you to achieve this, you need constant servicing of your truck or fleet. That’s where we come in. At American Trade Trucker, we offer servicing to a wide range of trucks.


An essential part of owning a truck is keeping it in good condition. And for you to achieve this, you need to constantly replace damaged parts, so they don’t create an overall defective truck. That’s where we come in.

At American Trade Trucker, we provide high-quality spare parts for different types of trucks.

Truck Finance

Purchasing a truck comes with financial difficulties, whether you’re a large scale or small-scale business. At American Trade Trucker, we specialise in the provision of low cost and easy truck financing to businesses across Australia.


As a company or individual, we understand that you prioritise the safety and success of your organisations. As such, we offer a wide range of truck insurance policies to ensure you stay protected regardless of the occurrence of these circumstances.