FUSO has kept its large customer base because it continually delivers on its promises of great functioning trucks. The trust the customers have in the brand has made them choose FUSO has their leading truck brands.

FUSO puts a lot of diversity into its manufacturing and has so many efficient trucks for customers to choose. And we offer this brand for sale. Our model offerings include:

FE 130 Diesel

The FE 130 Diesel has a Fuso 4P 10 – TS Diesel engine delivering an engine power of 161 horsepower and engine torque of 295 lb-ft. It has a 6-speed double-clutch automatic transmission with a Ball-nut steering and an integral-type power boost steering.

It comes fitted with a dual-calliper disc, hydraulic/vacuum -type coupled with ABS service brake and a Mobileye 6 series collision avoidance system. In turn, they provide visual and audible alerts for lane departure, speeding, and potential vehicle or pedestrian collisions. With all these, you are guaranteed safety and comfort.

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FE160 CREW Cab

Built with a FUSO PSI-GMPT, V8, 6.0L gasoline engine, this truck delivers up to 297 and 361 engine horsepower and torque respectively. It has an Allison 1000 series transmission and a single-reduction hypoid rear reduction gear.

Fitted with an Integral-type hydraulic power boost, it has a minimum turning diameter of 49.5″ and a wheelbase of 54.2″. Its brake system is a 4-channel ABS with dual – calliper discs, vacuum hydraulic and parking of drum/driveline internal expanding shoe. It also has a standard halogen headlamps and daytime running lights. The FE160 Crew Cab is everything you need to have a comfortable and spacious ride.

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eCanter All-Electric

This is the first purely electric-powered light-duty truck to be made. It combines innovative design and excellent performance to deliver comfort and safety.

It is a silent and emission-free truck with six Mercedes-Benz liquid-cooled battery type with 360V, 82.8kwh lithium-ion capacity. It also has a keyless entry system with driver/assistant door lock control and a standard factory-installed air conditioning system.

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FE 180 GAS

This is a class 5 rating truck providing you with enough space for additional cargo. It has a FUSO PSI-GMPT, V8, 6.0L gasoline engine model capable of delivering an engine power of 297hp and an engine torque of 361 lb-ft.

It has an integratedtype hydraulic power boost steering type with tilt and telescoping adjustment. The FE 180 Gas is spacious, noise-insulated can truck with convenient manoeuvrability to deliver safety and comfort while driving.

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