Isuzu Trucks

The Isuzu brand has maintained its leadership position in the truck market because of antecedent for producing spectacular trucks that have stood the test of time. It combines excellent expertise with innovation and technology to deliver everything you need in a truck. And we offer this brand for sale.

Some of the trucks for sale are:

N-Series Gas Truck

The N-Series Gas Truck has a 6.0-litre engine and has a versatile chassis to accommodate all your various application. It has a standard cab seating for three or a crew cab seating for seven people. Its Hexapod interior design brings luxury and comfort to driving.

The N-series Gas Truck is a class 3 truck with GCWR of 18, 000 lbs and a body application of up to 20ft.

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ISUZU NQR (Diesel)

The Isuzu NQR (Diesel) is a class 5 truck that runs on a 5.2-litre engine. It has a GVWR of up to 14, 500 lbs, crew cab seating for up to seven people, and 30-Gal side-mounted in-frame fuel tank. It also comes with high visibility red seatbelt, lockable DEF cap to prevent DEF theft and prevention of filling the tank with other liquid that could cause powertrain damage.

It has a vertical exhaust which is relocated from the frame rail to directly behind the cab, and a Mobil eye system to grant increased visibility and efficient road alert and warning.

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Isuzu NPR (Diesel)

This is a class 5 truck that runs on a 5.2-litre engine with body application of up to 24ft and a GVWR of 19,500 lbs.

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Isuzu NPR -HD

This is a class 4 truck with a 6.0-litre V8 engine, a 30-gal in-frame fuel tank, and a crew cab seating for up to seven people. It also comes with keyless entry, touch screen audio system, heated mirrors and Mobil eye system that provides visual and audio alerts for forward collision, pedestrian collision, lane departure and headway warning.

It has a body payload of between 8, 442 and 9,174 lbs, vacuum/hydraulic W14 channel ABS. It has a body size from 10 to 20 ft that gives you tremendous versatility. It also has an excellent manoeuvrability system.

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Isuzu FTR

This truck offers drivers better forward visibility, including a mobile-eye system providing alert and warning for optimum road safety. It has a 7-inch touch screen audio system that offers 200 watts of sound.

It has a full air dual circuit W/ANS S-CAM DRUM, heated mirrors, air suspension to deliver super quality ride, a keyless entry system that allows you conveniently lock and unlock your doors with a push of a button, and a chrome grille design that enhances its styling.

It is a class 6 truck with great manoeuvrability system ensured by positioning the truck LCF CA A above the engine with less forward mass. The Isuzu FTR functions on a 5.2-litre engine.

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