When it comes to making great heavy and light-duty trucks, Iveco comes to mind. Its dominance at the top is also one of the reasons Iveco has always been the first choice.

Iveco makes all its trucks with superb design and reliability. We offer you to make your pick.


Iveco makes this Hi-Performance truck with great strength and stability in mind. It combines comfort and performance to beat any challenges on the road mission.

It has a high resistance steel chassis frame of 7.7mm thick with parabolic suspensions. Safety is sure with its disk brakes.  It then comes with a single reduction rear axle that supports good speed and reduces fuel consumption. It also offers you the comfort you need with an air conditioning system and outer sun visors.

With Performer, you can be sure of a significant functionality throughout your long-distance journey regardless of your truckload.

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Trakker EURO 5

Iveco makes the Trakker Euro 5 to ensure reliance and excellent efficiency throughout your journey. It has a 16-speed mechanical gearbox equipped with a Servo-Shift system for your comfort and precise gear change.

Its frames are made of high-yield strength steel and have all its cursor engine EEV-Approved. The Trakker Euro 5 uses selective catalytic reduction technology for the after-treatment of exhaust gases. Overall, it has a fantastic fuel consumption efficiency with a revolutionary third-cursor which helps to give the truck an excellent performance.

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Stralis X-Way

This truck has Iveco’s best and most advanced features for on-road missions. Designed for low fuel consumption with its FPT industrial cursor engines built with in-line 6-cylinder architecture, it’s a great choice.

Also, all its engines have a decompression engine brake which ensures the safety and helps to reduce wearing of the braking system. Its chassis frame section is available in a 7.0 mm thickness. It offers excellent visibility both in the day and at night and has an effective filtration of air and fluids system.

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The IVECO 682 is engineered with precise technology to grant strength and stability throughout your journey. It has an eye-catching design of a “V-Shape” front grille with unique integrated headlamps, advanced side deflector and smooth high roof design to give you a super aerodynamics performance.

It is fitted with a multi-function display instrument cluster and the latest CAN-BUS technology to give you a relaxing environment. It runs on the IVECO Fiat powertrain engines to provide reliability and outstanding performance of 290-480 horsepower.

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