Mac disagrees that its success in the truck business is because of the number of sales it makes. Rather it states that it’s on the sustained legacy of building the best trucks that guarantee comfort, safety and reliability.

Mac combines mathematical accuracy in design with great mechanical innovation to deliver the best. If you have not had a taste of Mac’s magic in truck manufacturing, we invite you to contact us and begin to enjoy the everlasting fulfilment with every ride.

Some of the trucks models available for sale include:


The Mack Granite is a class 8 truck built with MP7/MP8 engine delivering between 325 and 505 horsepower with a torque of 1260 – 1860. It has an illuminated instrument panel control and high-performance HVAC system.

For safety, it is designed with Roll stability advantages and a wide-set airbag and shocks to guarantee highway confidence and performance. With an upgraded Bendix Wingwan Fusion 2.0 rough terrain is made easy with comfort behind the wheels.

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Terra Pro

The terra pro truck has a mDrive HD heavy-duty automated manual transmission a natural gas-powered engine and a Mack power leash engine brake to give you the best performance and optimum safety. It is a class 8 truck delivering 325 – 505 horsepower with an MP7/ MP8 Cummins Westport L9N natural gas engine.

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This severe duty truck has with precise robotics. It has a wide 62-degree door opening and grab-handle contributing to its safety and reliability on the highway.

A class 7/8 truck delivering 220 – 380 horsepower with 520 – 1250 lb-ft, it gives you all the strength and diversity you need in a truck. The 108SD is so versatile that it can suit many of your severe-duty vocational applications.

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The Pinnacle is a class 8 truck with MP 8 engine delivering up to 415 – 505 horsepower. It has a Mack integrated powertrain engine brake with an Air Disk Brake system.

It also has a Mack Roll stability advantage design by Bendix, a high-performance HVAC system, power locks and a sleeper windows with self – contained blackout shades. It is designed with durable components and excellent stability to guarantee comfortability and safety.

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MD Series

This is a medium city truck that is built with superb interior to give you comfort on the highway. It has a transmission standard Alisson 2500 HS 6-Speed, a power steering, air conditioning system, tilt and telescopic steering column and a power window and locks. With a Cummins B6.7 engine, you can be sure of comfort and safety.

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LR Model

This is a class 8 truck with MP7 Cummins Westport L9N Natural Gas engine with an automatic Alisson 4500 series/Alisson 300 Series transmission.  It has a multiple door design and driving configuration for your preferred position, a low 17″ step height, grab handles, and a large door opening gives you great convenience.

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