Mercedes Benz Trucks

When it comes to faultless manufacturing of vehicles, you can always trust Mercedes Benz to deliver the best. Its success through decades has been as a result of the diversity, comfort and innovative technology it brings to the fore with its manufacturing and design of trucks.

The brand is a leading manufacturer of durable and reliable trucks made for all type of roads and vocational application. We are inviting you to join the leagues of fulfilled truck owners by reaching out to us to begin the process of getting a new truck from our various models.

For your benefit, here are the best model offerings for you:

Mercedes-Benz Atego

This is a general-purpose rigid truck with the later version having a gross vehicle weight of 6.5 to 16 metric tonnes. It is powered by a straight 4- or 6- cylinder engine and has a cab over engine body style to give you durability, comfort and high-performance all at once.

It has a Mercedes power shift-3-transition, a wheelbase of 3, 020-6, 260mm, electronic stability control that guarantees safety and excellent manoeuvrability wherever you may be on the road.

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Mercedes-Benz Axor

A 12-line straight six engines power the Mercedes-Benz Axor with a simple manual gear shift or an electronic power shift (EPS). It is a medium-sized truck designed to serve your purpose. If you are looking to get the job done on time with a reliable truck as a companion, the Mercedes-Benz Axor is the right truck for you.

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Mercedes-Benz eActros

This is a purely electric heavy-duty truck powered with a 240kwh lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 200km driving. It has a DC fast-charging system that fast-tracks charging up to 80kw. It is an emission-free and quiet driving truck designed to give you comfort and outstanding performance while driving. We invite you to achieve more and reduce pollution with the Mercedes-Benz eActros.

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Actros 1843 LS

This semi-trailer truck is built with a hydraulically-operated tipper body to withstand all rugged road obstacles. The truck has a straight front axle, bumper corners made of steel to withstand a great hit, and higher ground clearance to enable it to move swiftly on rough terrain roads. If you are looking for strength, safety, high-performance, and comfort rolled up in one single truck; then you should consider buying the Actros 1843 LS.

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