An essential part of owning a truck is keeping it in good condition. And for you to achieve this, you need to constantly replace damaged parts, so they don’t create an overall defective truck. That’s where we come in.

At American Trade Trucker, we provide high-quality spare parts for different types of trucks. Our parts are top-notch replacement parts that fit in seamlessly into your trucks.

Our offering cut across both used and new parts.  However, we ensure our used parts are of the best grade. As such, they are of the highest quality, extremely durable, and long-lasting.  For us to maintain the quality that we profess, we source our parts from the manufacturers directly.

Our parts offering cut across the following category.

Truck and Trailer

We offer replacement parts for truck and trailers. Our parts offerings cut across air system, axle components, suspension components, intake component, wheel-end products and foundation brake.

Fluid and Filter

We offer replacement parts for fluid and filtration components of your truck. Our parts offering here cut across coolant and lubricants. We also offer parts for filtration systems.


We offer replacement parts for electrical components of your truck. Our parts offerings cut across alienators, booster cables, batteries, electrical accessories, led lights, electrical components, and starter motors, among others.


We offer replacement parts for various accessories that make up part of your truck. Our parts offerings cut across equipment and tools, load restraint, self-products, and cleaning products, among others.

Why Choose Us

Our parts offerings are preferable thanks to our track record of excellent parts delivery. However, beyond this, we are preferable because we provide the following.

High-Quality Parts

One of the things that have set us apart over the years is our high-quality parts. Our spare parts, whether new or used, are sourced with quality delivery in mind. As such, they never fall short of the required industry standards. They are durable, made of the best materials, and sure to stand the test of time.

Competitive Prices

Another thing that makes us preferable is our competitive prices. We don’t just deliver on quality; we deliver quality in a budget-friendly manner. As such, you get the best materials for the lowest possible prices.

Wide Network of Manufacturers

Our offerings are preferable because they come off our collaboration with a wide range of manufacturers. We collaborate with manufacturers to source the necessary replacement part. With us, regardless of your manufacturer, whether Fuso or IVECO, or Mac or Isuzu, or Mercedes Benz, we have just the right part for you.

Expert Team

Getting a spare part right requires simple or complex installation. Well, whichever it is, at American Trade Trucker, we are just the one for you. We have a team of experts that can help you with the installation of the replacement parts. This way, you don’t do more damage and create structural damage during replacement.

So, in case you’re looking to keep your trucks in optimal condition, at American Truck Trader, we would love to help you. You can reach out to us for your truck replacement parts through any of our contact details.